International Escapes: Much Closer Than You Think

It’s common to think an international getaway is too challenging for a weekend. Think again. Actually, lots of overseas destinations are close enough to be a worthwhile three-day weekend trip. Following is a list of destinations perfect for an outstanding long weekend. Montreal, Quebec, Canada Old-world elegance is front and center in this second biggest Canadian city after Toronto. In the Vieux Montreal area, tourists can stroll cobblestone streets lined with boutiques and eateries. The well-known Mount Royal Park is a fantastic place to spend an afternoon if the weather permits, as you can hike, rent a bicycle, or find a lovely spot for a tasty picnic. The park also features snowshoeing, ice skating and a lot more every wintertime. Bermuda Bermuda is a British territory in the mid-Atlantic popular with US visitors due to the short two-hour flight from many east coast cities, its beautiful beaches of distinctive pink sand, and its warm weather year-round. Besides the dazzling stretches of sand, you can also study its rich maritime history, much of which can be noticed among the well-preserved colonial architecture and cobblestone alleys of St. George as well as the old cannon-laden forts. Bold adventurers can rent a jet ski and ride into the famous Bermuda Triangle. Baja California Sur, Mexico If you’re thinking of sun and sand, you might for more exploration want to head south to the beautiful beaches of Baja California Sur, Mexico. Cabo San Lucas, at the southern tip of the Baja peninsula, is home to many high-end resorts and elegant eateries that serve delicious local cuisine like smoked marlin as well as offering an exciting party scene. Adventurers and water sports devotees will also enjoy Lover’s Beach for its lovely blue waters, fascinating caves to explore, and spectacular rock formations. Costa Rica In Central America, Costa Rica is quite easy to get to from many U.S. airports and is famous for its gorgeous tropical rainforest and jungles.

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